Case Details

  • Date: November 2020
  • Client: Lighting Wholesaler
  • Category: ,

Project Description

Lending Connect found an unsecured business loan for this lighting wholesaler in South Australia, with one of our lender. The loan for this lighting wholesaler will help our clients to buy new equipment, inventory and anything that can help their small business grow.

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  • Client industry: Lighting Wholesaler
  • Client location: South Australia (Australia)
  • Finance Product: Unsecured Business Loan
  • Finance Broker: Lending Connect
  • Lender: Trucap


Unsecured Business Loan

Advantages of an unsecured loan

Unsecured business loans do not require the borrower to pledge collateral against the debt.  You can easily obtain money without providing any security. These types of loans have higher interest rates than secured loans since they allow the borrower to obtain loans without collateral. Despite that, they are easy to obtain and with fast approval. May be the best option if you need money quickly.

how to apply for our business loans
  • 100% free consultation
  • Up to $250k without collateral
  • Typically 12-month term (minimum of 3 months)
  • 24-hours funding process
  • Ideal for any business purpose
  • Quick approval process
  • Relationship building with a lender
  • No personal or business collateral required

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In choosing your business loan, Lending Connect can help you understand which loan is the right option for your needs. Our experienced team are here to give you an overview of all the different loans to see you grow.

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